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Alan Creamer of Shire Folk

reviews The Food of Love by Belshazzar's Feast

A double CD for your money, and both are crackers in their own right!

The first is a standard studio recording of Paul Hutchinson & Paul Sartin, who formed BF in '95, and after a brief sabbatical are back with this jewel. Top quality accordion, violin and oboe playing, with vocals from exchoirboy Mr S. combine to form a superb collection of songs and tunes. And the sleeve notes had me laughing out loud - they need to be seen to be believed! A few tunes will be known to some - Bacca Pipes, Music for a Found Harmonium, and Cal for instance - but sometimes reworked in to some very unlikely formats. The music is a combination of serious and wacky - but always entertaining. 'Rondo a la Turkey' starts with Mozart, slowly turns into an Eastern dance, then somehow morphs into an Appalachian tune, by way of Yakety Sax and Entrance of the Gladiators! Eleven tracks and nearly 55 minutes of wonderfully diverse music.

The second CD is the pair performing live in front of an appreciative audience. Both performers and listeners were obviously having a ball, and this is over half an hour of pure enjoyment! It's not just the extraordinary talents of two top musicians who obviously love playing together, but the fast and furious banter between the pair - sometimes throughout the tune!

Relaxed and very practised musicians giving a real show of their expertise, and making it funny and enjoyable. And as usual, lovely clean and clear sound from Doug at Wildgoose Records.