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of Around Kent Folk

reviews Fruits of the Earth by Jim Causley

Jim is one of the new young English folkies. He has a fine rich manly singing voice. Just listen to the depths of The Carnal & the Crane.
Theres non-intrusive accompaniment by Jim on accordion and diddycordion plus John Dipper and James Dumbleton. Of the unaccompanied songs John Barleycorn stands out. There is a very haunting version of Tan Yard Side. Yonders Hill (Blind Beetles) is from the singing of Dorset Gypsy Queen Caroline Hughes - a beautiful quirky tale of rejection.
From his own composition Unwind he sings He found Salvation by Singing Songs of a Forgotten Age.
Whether singing on his own or with the trio Devils Interval (Emily Portman/Lauren McCormick) he deserves, given any justice in this world, to go far.