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Colin Andrews of What's Afoot

reviews Life's Eyes by George Papavgeris

This is the George's first CD on Doug Bailey's WildGoose Studios label and his 7th album. The songs, the singing and the arrangements won't let you down when you buy this album. This is another collection of songs that chronicle his generation's passage through life and tell you some more about the man himself. Some of the songs reflect the pain that George has experienced in his life and some are observations and comment on life in general.

My particular favourite, One by One, an unaccompanied song, is a reflection on the passing of one's peers and just one of the songs that you will hear sung by other singers at folk clubs in the future. Some of the songs are enhanced by the subtle accompaniment of Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer's tasteful musicianship and credited as George's itinerant Los Marbles. Rush Hour is a lovely song reminiscent of the songs of Lionel Bart on which George shares the lead vocals with Vicki and Jonny. Harbour Lights, Pieces, Apology and Rozellas are also highlights of the album and fine examples of George's songwriting skills that demonstrate his confidence and ability to sing a simple song; simply but effectively.

I should mention that Doug Bailey once again gets it absolutely right with production and balance to make a finely tuned album.