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John McAlister of Lancashire Wakes

reviews All in a Garden Green by The Askew Sisters

Emily and Hazel Askew to be precise, born and bred in London, but we should not hold that against them! Obviously cursed by folky parents they have spent holidays at the Sidmouth Folk Festival. Emily started playing the classical cello, recorder and piano, later transferring to the fiddle, there being little opportunity to play those instruments in sessions I suppose. As at this time she is studying at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, furthering her instrument repertoire in medieval fiddle (whatever that is) and baroque oboe. I hope she has a big bedroom. Hazel started on flute and piano and now plays the melodeon. Serves her parents right. She also is into singing.
Performing as a duo they have frequented festivals and folk clubs and mixed with other disreputable people like morris, rapper and Appalachian dancers. This has obviously had an influence and the songs and tunes are traditional. Like all young players they put their own stamp on things and greatly enjoy what they are doing. I could have done without the fourteen part version of Dorrington Lads, even dedicated Northumbrian players find this hard listening. If the composer, William Dixon played this on this deathbed it might explain a few things, and he took his time going. Having said that, it's a great CD for such young talent, even if they are classically trained. Yes, they have a website, where all else is revealed.