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of Lancashire Wakes

reviews Legends & Lovers by Issy & David Emeney with Kate Riaz

Issy Emeney is a very good writer of tunes and songs in the traditional vein and together with David they play and sing a mixture of traditional songs and their own new material. Issy plays melodeon and David guitar and bouzouki. On this album they are joined by the wonderful cello player Kate Riaz.
For my sins, I spend a lot of time with melodeon players so I can speak with some authority that Issy is a fine player of the melodeon. The rise of melodeon as an accompaniment instrument in the folk world is perhaps due to people like Issy who can play with sensitivity, not a common trait with reed instrument players, David has less folk experience but his playing and singing are competent. The addition of the cello in the capable hands of Kate Riaz really enhances the musical experience and John Dipper plays fiddle on two tracks. The CD is well produced and will no doubt follow them to folk clubs and festivals at which they appear