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of Lancashire Wakes

reviews Sliptease by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

Everything changes: when I first came into folk music, the musical ability was limited but the enthusiasm was great, singing was often unaccompanied and instrumental skill was limited. Now we have here classically trained musicians playing folk music. As you would expect, you get all the notes played properly on a variety of instruments, Vicki on Scottish small pipes (big brother to Northumberland pipes?), wooden flute, low D whistle and double bass and Jonny plays guitar and accordion. What you don't get is any nasal twang or many grace notes, so it's middle class folk music. Much of the CD is of tunes composed by the performers and traditional songs which they have changed tunes and words in new arrangements. I am sure that they will grace many a folk club and festival in the coming years with much acclaim.