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Tony Hillier of Rythms Australia

reviews Blood & Honey by The Devil's Interval

The Devil's Interval is one of the best young harmony groups in the Old Dart. Comprising two females and one male, they primarily perform a cappella style, though there's sparse instrumental backing on some tracks. The trio follows in the tradition of such as the Watersons, the Young Tradition and Swan Arcade. While their harmonies are impressively lush - the three voices ht together like a velvet glove their phrasing is admirably unconventional. The song selection on Blood & Honey, which includes no fewer than three carols, is rather less impressive. 'Silver Dagger' has been recorded by two generations of the Tilston family, while the gruesome tale, 'Long Lankiní, is an old Steeleye Span staple. 'The Cuckoo' and 'The Well Below The Valley' have been covered to countless times in the past.