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Tony Hillier of Rythms Australia

reviews All in a Garden Green by The Askew Sisters

The Askew Sisters, Emily and Hazel, are the English equivalent of acclaimed Orkney siblings Hazel and Jennifer Wrigley. Although they sing as well, the young Londoners, who play fiddle and cello and melodeon respectively, are rather more impressive as instrumentalists. On All In A Garden Green, the Askews put a contemporary stamp on songs popularised by such stalwarts of the British day scene as Waterson:Carthy, Stan Hugill, Nic Jones and Frankie Armstrong, and perform standards like 'High Germany' and 'The Banks Of The Sweet Primroses' with their own panache. Pairing ĎAll In A Garden Green', a 17th century tune, with 'Horses Bransle', a medieval dance dating back to the 1200s, was an inspired choice.