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of Properganda

reviews Life's Eyes by George Papavgeris

Where do you begin to tell the story of this highly regarded troubadour, who even Martin Carthy regards as "Something special." We're starting here with his seventh album as he only really started writing songs in 2001, although since then he has been prolific.

Born in 1953 in Greece he has absorbed his native music and played in bands in his teenage years. He first came to folk music in England during the 70s and started to perform on the circuit. He cites Tom Leher, Jake Thackery Pete Atkins and Clive James as influences and there's something of Thackery in his disarming vocal style.

But with all songwriters it's the content that counts. George seems equally adept at the personal and the geopolitical, so childhood memories (Tsarniko), global warming (Upwind Of Me), the burden of responsibility (One By one), friendship (For A Friend) and loss of a loved one (Regrets) are handled with eloquence, the knowledge of experience and an eye for the detail that makes these subjects common to us all. Without doubt Mr Carthy has nailed it.