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Vic Smith of Sussex Folk Diary

reviews One Man Hand by Tony Hall

This album by the great English eccentric is a total delight. Tony is an extremely witty man with a decidedly individual view of the world and although there are hilarious moments on the album, he is also a fine singer
and a remarkable exponent of the melodeon. Wherever he gets his tunes or songs from, he manages to stamp 'Norfolk' all over them.

He describes his composition 'The Enigma of the Southwold Tide' as "the most boring song ever written" but it is a total side-splitter. He has the audacity to play Duke Ellington's 'Creole Love Call' and call it 'The
Beccles Stomp' and then claim that he wrote it; he even turns on his serious side for one song and tackles the Billie Holiday classic 'Strange Fruit'.

And as you might expect there is one of those great Tony Hall cartoons on the album cover..(VS)