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Chris Beaumont of Shreds and Patches

reviews Crux by Crucible

Front the very first track you know you are in for a treat with this album: a splendid rendition of Georges Son by John Kirkpatrick, it opens with pipes, fiddle and harmony singing that fairly knocks you sideways. This band can certainly do the business: with a line?up that includes melodeon, guitar, cittern, viola and five?string and octave fiddles, they do traditional songs, composed songs and some that are a bit of both (Halliwells Nursery Songs and Rhymes is an inspirational source here); there are accompanied, unaccompanied songs and some cracking tune sets.
There are so many good tracks its difficult to pick anything out ? a Sacred Harp style setting of Psalm 91 is followed by a jaunty Fair Maid Walking with English?style melodeon, while Wipping Cheer is a 17thC broadside ballad given a haunting tune and guitar and cittern accompaniment. Its all done with taste and style, and above all arrangements and instrumentation that fit the songs excellently. Buy the album, enjoy it, and try to catch them in concert somewhere.