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Chris (Yorkie) Bartram of Shreds & Patches

reviews Lost Love Found by Jim Causley

If. you've ever seen Jim Causley either solo or wth The Devil's Interval you will know that he has a deliciously warm, textural voice; a simple and effective accompaniment style and an infectious love of traditional songs that is honest without being imitative. I He obviously enjoys the ambiguity and occasional contradictions that you get in the old songs and appreciates the way they lead you to reflect on the mysteries of life without being preachy. So, as you may expect, I think he is absolutely terrific - and so will you if you listen to this, his second, solo CD. Mind you, it's not really 'solo' as he is very ably accompanied on several tracks by James Dumbelton and joined on some tracks by Sandra Kerr, George Papavgeris and James Delarre.

Here's the tracklist - Polly Vaughan, Cupid the Ploughboy, Wild Rover (with a different tune from the one you all know); Loving Hannah, Shule Rune, Lady All Skin and gone (different from the version by THE DEVIL'S INTERVAL); Traitors Love (written by George Papavgeris); Oxford Girt Autumn Days (written by Estelle White) and Rolling of' the Stones. If you know these songs you will see that there is a fairly high body-count and a lot of false lovers and yet, in Jim's hands, it's not depressing at all - the overall texture of the CD is joyful and even, in a sense, reassuring.

I have a large shelf-unit for CDs which are carefully (though, my wife complains, idiosyncratically) stored. A few CDs are played so often that they stay in a small pile at the side of my desk. This CD is one of those and it is not likely to move onto the shelf for several months.