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reviews Lost Love Found by Jim Causley

Over the past couple of years, Jim Causleys star has been on the rise  a nomination for the BBC Horizon Award, a well received debut album, plus acclaim for The Devils Interval (of which he makes up one third), as well as a couple of winter tours with Waterson:Carthy.

Very much attached to the English tradition, his material reflects his roots but brings in some interesting elements, there are a couple of American versions of British songs, plus Sandra Kerr provides some wonderful Appalachian dulcimer accompaniment; other than this it feels like a English disc in instrumentation with accordion, guitar, mandolin and fiddle throughout.

Its obvious that Causley is steeped in the tradition and loves the material, but this is far from an old-fashioned collection as its a good balance of uptempo melody led songs and more atmospheric English ballads.

Causleys vocals are warm and versatile, for a relatively young man he has an astonishing voice that goes from a whisper to a gravely Waits style with ease. Lost Love Found is a fascinating album, and one that is bound to feature in the best of folk lists come the end of 2007, and Jim Causley is undoubtedly one of the new wave of artists who will carry English folk to a new generation.