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Dai Jeffries of Rock n Reel

reviews Lost Love Found by Jim Causley

Five Stars * * * * *

Ive thought for some time that, of all the young singers on the circuit, Jim Causley would be the one to sustain. Theres something of the late Tony Rose in that warm, bass voice and hes genuinely engaging on stage with the understanding that an audience with an average age approximately twice his does know something about the music.

The first thing you notice about Lost Love Found is the cover, a cheeky homage to Jim Moray that puts you in a good humour from the start, a feeling reinforced by the first track, Shirley Collinss setting of Polly Vaughn. Not that Jim doesnt take risks. Hes accompanied on Wild Rover by Sandra Kerrs Appalachian Dulcimer, a version not too far removed from the familiar folk-club standard and in changing reclaims the song for serious singers. The first of two modern songs is George Papavgeriss Traitors Love, a song about patriotism and identity as much as love. The second is Autumn Days, still a primary school standard and if Jim didnt sound so genuine it would be a risible choice in the context of this record.

Jims voice and accordion are supplemented by James Dumbeltons guitar, mandolin, voice and percussion, and by James Delarres fiddle, and the recording and balance are exemplary. This is an excellent album  a little short perhaps but that just sent me back to the beginning as soon as it had finished.