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Mike Wilson of The Living Tradition

reviews Lost Love Found by Jim Causley

Causley's rich and commanding voice proves to be an incontrovertible draw, right from the first notes of Polly Vaughn, a song collected by Cecil Sharp in the Appalachians and married to a delightful Shirley Collins melody. The depth and resonance that Causley possesses lends drama and authenticity throughout this delightful collection of predominantly traditional material.

Causley provides an interesting interpretation of Shule Rune with a groovy mandolin arrangement, picking out an infectiously brisk rhythm around which Causley weaves his vocal intensity. Traitor's Love, an enjoyable George Papavgeris composition, offers another lively moment with an energetic accordion arrangement, performed as a duet with Papavgeris himself. An a cappella Oxford City has a stark beauty, affording precious opportunity to enjoy Causley's remarkable voice in fine, unadorned majesty.
Instrumental accompaniment is relatively sparse throughout, with Causley's accordion complemented primarily by James Dumbleton's guitar, mandolin and percussion. James Delarre's fiddle brings a different flavour to a few tracks and Sandra Kerr's Appalachian Dulcimer adds an interesting other-worldly feel to Causley's melancholy interpretation of Wild Rover.

Love Lost Found, Causley's second solo offering, is a thoughtfully assembled recording with many facets that impress and beguile.