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Vic Smith of The Folk Diary

reviews All in a Garden Green by The Askew Sisters

Small young women - big confident sound! Emily and Hazel are maturing into
really top-class performers and this, their second album, shows them making
considerable strides. Their playing and singing now has more emotional depth
and technically their playing still makes great strides. Much of their song
material is familiar but this scarcely matters when they bring so much
freshness and enthusiasm to their performances. There have been many
recordings of High Germany, Sweet Primroses and The Lover's Ghost but they
bring something new and bright to the way that they treat them.

It is in the punchy assurance in the way that that attack their dance tunes
played on fiddle and melodeon that they show the most startling advance and
the complicated Dorrington Lads really sparkles. There are now many stars in
the firmament of young English folk performers but few are shining as
brightly at the moment as the Askews