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Jennie Craigs of Shire Folk

reviews Sliptease by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

Sliptease is Vicki and Jonny's second CD and is a great mix of tunes and songs. Both Vicki and Jonny are multi-instrumentalists and the CD shows this off well: Vicki plays double bass, Scottish small pipes
and flute, and Jonny plays guitar and accordion. On top of being great instrumentalists, both have great singing voices, shown off well in the five songs, all of which come from English tradition including Spencer the Rover, and my particular favourite Sweet Lovely Joan, put to a tune of their own, and which includes my favourite lyrics "never try to trick a lady, she will always get her way"!

The tune sets vary in style and rhythm and are, without exception, written by Vicki and Jonny. I love the idea behind track 6 - The Podcast Set, used by Vicki to teach Scottish small pipes online. The waltz played on track 3, Poppy's Present, show off their ability to come up with lovely arrangements and Tystnaden (track 10) reveals Vicki's Scandinavian roots. The album uses a lot of doubletracking, so the sound on the album is not what you'd experience in a live gig. Personally, I think this really works on this album and sounds very natural.

As a live act, Vicki and Jonny have quite a sense of humour and this is carried over very well into the sleeve notes, which give just enough information on tracks while being nearly as entertaining as the music itself!