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Tony ONeill of Shire Folk

reviews Songs of Witchcraft & Magic by Various Artists

This compilation of 'Songs and Ballads from the British Folk Tradition' was put together by Graham King of The Museum of Witchcraft, Boscastle and Doug Bailey of Wild Goose Records.

I know this to have been a long term project of Graham's and can honestly say that it was well worth the wait! I should say that most of the songs are familiar to the reviewer, apart from the debut of Graham and Kerrian who sing 'The Chase Song'; lyrics from traditional sources but put to the tune of 'Twa Corbies' by Graham. Overall the impression is of a well thought-out and balanced collection, which has been a pleasure to review.

The fifteen tracks are each by a different luminary of the folk world and are too numerous to list here (you'll have to go to the Wild Goose website for details!), suffice it to say that there wasn't one 'duff' track amongst them. The CD presentation is extremely good including 36 pages of well-illustrated, informative research notes and song lyrics, giving a deep and fascinating insight into the worlds of witchcraft and magic.