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Paul Knox of EDS

reviews Sliptease by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

The latest release of Jonny Dyer and Vicki Swan: Sliptease is a thoroughly refreshing and satisfying album. Not only does it promote the playing and arranging of the good old English favourites ('Spencer the Rover', 'Lavender's Blue') but it also includes some of Jonny and Vicki's own compositions. It isn't often that two musicians work so well together, but these two have something that allows them to play off of each other, but also play and sing with such togetherness that not many can achieve.

Their opening track of 'Spencer the Rover' was 'picked up' in a session that the pair had been to one evening. Set to a great tune with Vicki on the F whistle, this song is great for an opening track and sets the standard of what to expect from the remaining ten tracks.

Vicki is quite the multi -instrumentalist, not only a fine vocalist but also a player of the Scottish smallpipes, flute, whistle, and double bass, all with equal skill and competence. Jonny, a fine guitarist and accordion player, also sings with ample skill and proficiency. The track that I found most effective would have to be 'Logan Rock', one of Jonny's compositions played by Vicki on A pitch smallpipes over D drones accompanied by Jonny on accordion. This piece is a beautifully-composed slow and emotive air. Named after Logan Rock on Bodmin Moor, one can imagine the very setting of this 400 million year old rock.

For me this is a great album, full of little delights and surprises. It is over-brimming with musicianship and musicality and is sure to bring hours of satisfaction to all who have a copy. I would highly recommend seeing these two live - you might think that they are great on plastic but they are ten times better on stage.

This album was a pleasure and a delight to review!  Happy Listening!