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Sally Clayden of Taplas

reviews All in a Garden Green by The Askew Sisters

TWO young sisters from London, who've been brought up on a diet of Sidmouth, Emily mainly plays a pretty mean fiddle, with occasional cello, while Hazel is on melodeon and takes the vocal lead. This is an impressive first
recording of traditional English songs with some tunes.

Hazel's gentle voice on Fare Thee Well my Dearest Dear is beautifully counterbalanced by Emily's cello. The
wonderful Blenheim House, from Kynaston's collection, is outstanding and I enjoyed listening as they explored various arrangements in The Unfortunate Tailor, although possibly some of the linking between that and the following tune The Shaalds of Foula was somewhat laborious - but hey, that's just carping of me.

They have put together some really studied arrangements, which is more than many ever do. Listening to the Dixon pipe tune Dorrington Lads and All in a Garden Green, followed by the Horses Branle, it's striking how we all put our own character and stamp on a tune and bring out different aspects. It will be fascinating to see where these sisters want to go with their music.