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Mick Tems of Taplas

reviews Sliptease by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

You get home, dog-tired and a little bit frayed, and wonder how many more bastards there can be who have got it in for you. You flop down in your easy-chair ,put the CD on and in a minute a slow smile spreads across your face. You are at peace with the world. This is the gentle magic of Sliptease, a work of such enduring quality that you won't want to let it go.

Vicki and Jonny stamp their own individual identity right from the start on the opening track, an appealing version of Spencer the Rover followed by a tribute tune written by Jonny called  Andy Jackson's, organiser of the fantastic Easter At Miskin festival. They create a warm, sunny feeling which is incredibly relaxed, a soothing brew stirred and sweetened by two consummate musicians.

Both write the tune sets that pepper this CD and the traditional songs have been enhanced, strengthened and given new life by composer Jonny, who plays a Martin guitar and a Pigini accordion. Vicki plays an Ormiston wooden flute, a Kerry low F whistle and a Jaquet Gande double bass, but it's the sweet sound of her Hamish Moore Scottish smallpipes that I really love.