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Roy Harris of Taplas

reviews Lost Love Found by Jim Causley

Jim Causley arrived in folk music via his family and the folk scene of his home pitch in Devon. After a stint
studying jazz and popular music he took the traditional music course at Newcastle University and is now one of the well-praised young lions of the revival. I enjoyed his set at the recent 'Remembering Cyril' day, so when this arrived for review I was interested to see if his live qualities transferred to record.

They do. His mellow voice brings us some beautifully relaxed interpretations of a group of traditional songs
including Polly Vaughan, Oxford City (the Freda Palmer version) and the not often heard Rolling of the Stones. The version of Wild Rover he does is a gentle one, from the collecting of Cyril Tawney, and a welcome change from the usual chest-beater. His head is not entirely in the past as is shown by the inclusion of George Papavgeris' Traitors Love, one of the highlights of the album.

A trio of accomplished musicians plus his own accordion playing frame the songs well, the whole thing being another step on Jim Causley's upward journey.