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Clive Pownceby of EDS

reviews September Days by Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

Its rarely you approach entire album thinking, oh thats goodhmm thats impressive and as for that, but this album from the Herts-based pairing is like a well set out party buffet, becoming progressively tastier as one moves through the fare! Agreeably balanced on the cusp of straight-ahead trad. and own-writes, both hilarious and affecting, it starts with a stirring reading of My Collier Laddie a 1792 Burns piece. Followed by The Little Turtle Dove which Sharp found in both Somerset and Appalachia, with Lynnes haunting recorder prominent, you have the essence of what these two do best  a frill-free and effortless intimacy fired by a deep-rooted and heartfelt honesty.
Imbued with an enduring enjoyment of the sheer joy of making music and especially singing, this offering, whilst being a pretty close companion to its two predecessors carries more weight, more verve. There seems a new confidence and purpose here  a timeless immediacy that stays true to their roots whilst being more assured, more skilfully put together.
Pats captivating The Harper is a case in point, lyrically poignant, melodically polished whilst Where Is My Boy Tonight?  Robert Lowrys sobering 1877 song of hoped-for salvation is yearning without being maudlin. With an intuitive grasp of harmony and understated charm, this CD may not be cutting edge  that isnt its remit but it boasts many a quietly varied and inventive touch.  
Small wonder then that Heraud and Turner have cultivated a groundswell of affection as a live act, whether in Club or Festival setting. A convincing set that forges a distinct identity, this release has a touch too much of ... absolutely nothing!
Consistently engrossing is just their default setting.