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of Folk London

reviews September Days by Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

Lynne and Pat are well established on the folk scene as harmony singers.  Most of their songs come from the English tradition, but they occasionally diversify and perform their own material and Victorian/Edwardian songs.

For me, the hight points of their performances are their own songs and on this CD we have Pheremones  about body smells and f For The p (or Im Having e Face Replaced) is about plastic surgery.

Several of the songs are well known, for instance The Collier Laddie and Twa Corbies, but most are unknown to me.

Where is My Boy Tonight is a strange one.  It is sung very high, with Pat on concertina and sounds as if it is a take off of a Victorian parlour ballad, but apparently is serious.  (The Lyric features on the Bluegrass lyrics website).  Although Pat plays guitar and concertina and Lynne plays recorder, this CD is recorded as you would hear them at a folk club, with no adornments or double tracking, so most of the songs are sung unaccompanied.