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Bob Kenward of Folk in Kent

reviews September Days by Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

Theres plenty of variety here, for sure: turtle doves and corbies, milkmaids and flither girls, colliers and harpers, foreign fields and the beauties of English Autumn. And then there are the Pheremones, not a Tamla Motown outfit but the celebration of intimate pungencies. All the vibrancy and fun of their live performance has been jauntily recorded by Wild Goose, who justifiably has a name for capturing these elusive qualities on CD.

Particularly enjoyable are the arrangements of traditional material, amounting to half the content, which pay homage to their sources without adhering to them unduly. As a result, songs like Lovely Susan come up afresh, and even the Twa Corbies have new menace. Pat Turners two original songs both have the combination of melody and edge which sets them apart from rosy-tinted views of the past, whilst the lyrics of Off For The Op could only have come from this brace.

No-one else would have the nerve Just the pair, in harmony, with a little guitar, recorder and concertina: great storytelling in song. Ive played it over and over.