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Tony ONeill of Shire Folk

reviews September Days by Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

Lynne Heraud and Pat Turner are well known around the scene having sung together for longer than they will admit to and can be seen around the Folk Clubs and Festivals throughout the year. They sing with strong harmonies, both traditional and contemporary as well as their own material, some of it very comical!

This new CD, well produced by Doug Bailey of 'Wild Goose', is a mix of the above, sung mainly acapella but with some sensitive accompaniment when required. The traditional songs are a nice mix of rare (at least, I hadn't heard them!) and standard, subtly arranged by Lynne and Pat, making them sound 'fresh'.
The contemporary material, from song writers the likes of Roger Bryant ('Foreign Fields') and Jim McCourt ('September Days') have been well chosen and again, well arranged by the Lynne and Pat and the CD really comes alive on the two comic tracks 'Pheremones' and 'Off for the Op'.

The CD presentation is pleasing with brief but informative notes about the songs and the whole package can be obtained from Lynne and Pat at their bookings.