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Baz Parkes of Shreds & Patches

reviews Sliptease by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

Great title, great cover and an impressive collection of self penned tunes on double bass, Scottish smallpipes, flute (Vicki), guitar and accordion (Jonny). They also shave vocals on a series of traditional songs. The tune sets are wonderful, particularly The Sliptease Set and The Cribbage Set. Sliptease starts off as a slipjig, morphs into a reel, Real Tease, and ends up as a jig, Maltease. I always wanted to write a tune called One for his Nob and now Vicky's beaten me to it, and it motors along lovely. Tystnaden/Angarrick show them in "sad contemplative" mode, and makes a fine contrast.

The choice of songs offers few surprises, Spencer the Rover, The Two Magicians, Lovely Joan, but what does come as a surprise is the tunes they're set to. Jonny has written new tunes to go with the old words; I wasn't too sure about this at first, but these versions have grown on me; it's just a little difficult to shake the originals out of the head. There's a lot of double tracking in the arrangements which led me to question whether they'd be able to generate the pace and excitement of the tune sets live, but having seen them recently at Sidmouth, they certainly can. And should you be stuck for something to do of an evening, Vicki can teach you Scottish smallpipes on line.