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Baz Parker of Shreds & Patches

reviews September Days by Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

New voices to me, Lynne and Pat sing in harmony and occasionally accompany themselves on recorder (Lynne), guitar, or English concertina (both Pat). The songs are a mixture of traditional and contemporary,
some by Pat and Lynne, others by friends and acquaintances. The harmonies are tight, the instrumental accompaniments carefully thought out, and the choice of songs well suited to the duo's style and vocal range.

Most of the traditional songs are well known, but none the worse for that, Whitsuntide Cell and Reres Hill being particularly fine. Lament of The Flither Girls (Turner) and Foreign Fields (Bryant) prove that there's still some excellent and little known song writing going on out there, and their arrangement of Robert Lowry's Where is my Boy Tonight (from Sankey's Sacred Hymns and Solos) is sublime. The sleeve notes tell us they've "gained their diplomas in laughter facilitation", and a quick listen to Pheromones or Off for the Op will certainly prove why.

An interesting collection of songs well sung and accompanied. What more could you want? "A song including a line about `vaginal tightening!"' I hear you cry. Well, you've got it !