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Cath Chandler of Shreds & Patches

reviews Legends & Lovers by Issy & David Emeney with Kate Riaz

Sit back in the armchair by the fire, with your glass well charged, and relax and enjoy... the very place where this pleasant CD has encouraged me to be. A good, clear recording (synonymous with Wild Goose Label) with well balanced vocals and instrumentals, David's lovely warm lead and Issy's pleasing harmonies all splendidly accompanied with gentle guitar, variously sostenuto and lively, melodeon, cello and fiddle (plus other) to make an interesting ensemble with occasionally interesting harmonies.
David and Issy's vocal style is the sort that comes to mind when I think of `Folk Singing'... i.e, NOT a single affectation or even, thank heavens, a grinding of consonants between the back molars and nasal passages... hooray!!! Indeed, there is nothing in this recording to make me want to reach for the `skip' button for any reason. Various tracks feature a slightly livelier pace, the cello joining in with some gusto making a superb addition to the more usual vocal/guitar/melodeon grouping.
Issy's leads are fewer than David's and make for further variation within the recording as a whole. All but two and a half (thirdl) tracks are from Issy's pen, with some sensitive moments of quite graphic word painting included. Listen to the words and there is a realisation of how well constructed these songs are albethey sometimes sad or poignant (gory in one instance!)...the true fodder for songs eh?
Bedtime is a track that, as stated by Issy in her sleeve notes, is just sooooo true ? enough to bring a smile and a tear... I can easily recall these times with my own beautiful daughters.
We reach an almost medieval conclusion with the joyful 1st of May ? another piece of nostalgia?inducing musicality, lifting the heart and spirit with a yearning for that wonderful feel of a time gone by, as I perch on that fence with one foot in the 21st century and the other in that era; evoking an almost primitive desire for the simplicity of the country?life it conjures.
A worthy purchase, so, head for that comfy fireside armchair... sighs