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Nick Beale of fRoots

reviews September Days by Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

Another set of very pleasing harmonies from this pair; a little guitar, concertina and recorder come in here and there but mostly it's the two voices. The mixture is pretty much as before and none the worse for that: traditional songs, items by other writers and songs of their own. On the last CD their sense of humour took the vagaries of washing machines as its target. This time it's mating rituals (Pheremones) and cosmetic surgery in Off For The Op with its irresistible chorus of "I'm having me face replaced" and a punchline inviting the listener to inspect the result of some less visible procedures.

Both are firmly in the music hall tradition, musically and lyrically. They falter a little in confronting the question of what an Anglo should do with lyrics majoring on Scots dialect, as with Twa Corbies. Try to adapt your accent or not, you can sound a bit awkward, but this is all personal and subjective since Burns's Collier Laddie sounded fine to me.