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Mike Everett of Cruxfest Cecil Sharp House - 3rd Dec. 2005

reviews Crux by Crucible

Crucible were here to officially launch their second CD, Crux. They are a remarkably talented four piece group from Sheffield who sing superbly a cappella as well as singing with accompaniment and playing sets of tunes.
cittern), Jess Arrowsmith (fiddle, viola) and Helena Revnolds (fiddles bagpipes).
Richard Arrowsmith and Gavin Davenport
They opened with a set of Playford tunes and also included two sets of Morris tunes during the concert. As you would expect, they also included some songs from the album such as Fair Maid Walking, Thieves Song, Whipping Cheer and Jack Come Sell
Your Fiddle, all sung with enthusiasm and a love of what they are doing,