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Mike Everett of Mardles

reviews All in a Garden Green by The Askew Sisters

This is another CD that Id been waiting for with great anticipation, having heard Emily and Hazel Askew in sessions, at the Milkmaid Folk Club and Chippenham and Whitby folk festivals and having enjoyed their six track EP. If anything, this album has exceeded my expectations.
Emily and Hazel have grown up with folk music through their annual family holidays to Sidmouth Festival and made their families and neighbours endure the pain of them learning to play the fiddle and melodeon. They have both danced and played for morris, Appalachian and rapper, and for the past year or so they have been playing together as a duo.
This new album has a greater emphasis on songs compared to their earlier EP, drawing material from original sources to modern collections including The Penguin Book Of English Folk Sings and from singers such as Frankie Armstrong and old LPs like A Taste Of Ale. There seems to be resurgence in artists performing The Golden Vanity this year and the Askew Sisters add their take on it with The Old Virginia Lowlands from Stan Hugill via Brass Monkey. Another song coming back into fashion is Three Drunken Maidens, also included here. There are two many high spots to pick out any favourites but I do like the tune, The Unfortunate Tailor, which is coupled here with The Shaalds of Foula, and their version of A Noble Riddle Wisely Expounded.
Book your tickets now for their appearance at the Everyman Folk Club next March as it ought to be a sell out.