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Mike Everett of Mardles

reviews September Days by Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

During Whitby Folk Week, Lynne and Pat were variously introduced as experienced and stalwarts and veterans of the folk music scene. Im sure theyll write a song about to get even with the MCs. However, this was the first time that Id seen them perform together and I enjoyed it so much I went to see them twice more during the week.
They sing unaccompanied harmonies for much of the time but have a few songs with nicely arranged accompaniment on recorder, guitar and English concertina. Many songs are from the tradition, like The Collier Laddie, Twa Corbies and Whitsuntide Carol, and some from other writers, including the title track by Jim McCourt. But it is on their own material that they really shine. Some of these are very light-hearted, such as Pheromones (on that special pong that we all have) and Off For The Op (on the joys of cosmetic surgery) but there are more serious songs too. Pat Turner has a couple of these on this CD. The Harper is a tribute to all the itinerant Irish harpers and bards, past and present, and the Lament Of The Flither Girls, tells the story of the hard lives led by the lasses who gathered flithers (limpets and mussels) to bait the fishing nets of their menfolk in the North East of England.
All in all, this is a fine album to remind you of their amazing live act and to make sure that you go and listen to them as often as you can.