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John Grey of Puddingstone

reviews September Days by Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner

This is Lynne and Pat's 3rd CD and its 14 tracks are an eclectic mix of traditional songs and their own compositions - both serious and very 'tongue in cheek', together with a few by other writers. There are 7 traditional songs although the first one 'The Collier Laddie' is mostly by Robbie Burns, two others, 'Twa Corbies', and 'Rere's Hill' also originate from North of the Border. 'The Bonnie Irish Maid' tells of a lover's parting 'Lovely Susan the Milkmaid' is of a happy reunion. 'The Little Turtle Dove' is from the Cecil Sharp collection of Somerset songs and 'The whitsuntide Carol' comes from Cambridgeshire.

Two of the songs are by Pat Turner and both are tributes to hard working people of the past. 'The Harper' relates to the Irish Harpers of old and 'The Lament of the flither Girls' is about the women who collected limpets and mussels ('flithers') as bait for the nets of fishing boats from Whitby and other North Eastern ports. The title track 'September Days' paints a beautiful picture of the Autumn season and is written by Jim McCount (See Cover gorgeously illustrated by Hilary Bix). Two of Lynne and Pat's inimitable humerous songs: 'Pheremones' and 'Off for the Op' are included to exercise your chuckle muscles and the CD ends with 'Foreign Fields' by Roger Bryant, a serious and beautiful anti-war song from the Cornish Songwriter's production "Unsung Heroes' which tells the story of "The Lost Gardeners of Helligan' who never returned from the First World War.

In all the songs, the voices of Lynne and Pat blend together in the most beautiful way - the harmonies are very finely worked out and the musical accompaniments give subtle support to the singing. Doug Bailey of Wildgoose has again done an excellent job with the recording and Hilary Bix, of Bideford, has produced some very distinctive design work for the case liner.