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Bob Taberner of Thefolkmag

reviews Crux by Crucible

Richard and Jess Arrowsmith and Gavin Davenport make up three fifths of
Hekety, one of the most exciting dance bands around, and, with Helena
Reynolds, they make up Crucible. This grouping concentrates on the song side
of the tradition with first rate harmony singing and tune sets designed more
for listening than dancing. This album, their second, will further enhance
their reputation.

Georges Son, a John Kirkpatrick song, makes a fine opener and the splendid
harmonies continue with Ron Angels Chemical Workers Song. Theres a wide
range to their song repertoire. Relatively familiar songs like Sorry The Day
I Was Married and Fair Maid Walking are given novel treatments, but, when
they rub shoulders with a setting of Psalm 91 (Within the Shadowed Secrecy,
of which Gavin was co-author), you realise how special this group is.

The four tune sets all work well with the final track The Playford Set being
my favourite, although Id have preferred them to finish on a song.

Crucible have researched their material well and put a lot of thought into
their arrangements. This is an album well worth getting.