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of Around Kent Folk

reviews Crux by Crucible

13 tracks
A fine group of young accomplished musicians and singers ?Jess & Richard Arrowsmith, Gavin Davenport and
Helena Reynolds. Melodeons, guitar, cittern, fiddle, viola, 5 string and octave fiddles, bagpipes and 4 part
harmony singing. A good balance of songs and tunes.
The unaccompanied version of Ron Angels Chemical Workers Song is great. Whipping Cheer (a 17 C broadside) and the singaround favourite Sorry the Day I was Married. A lovely version of Old Horse was collected by Jim Eldon from a traveller. Within the Shadowed Secrecy is written from Psalm 91 (King James Bible) by Gavin & Simon Heywood. The girls have based the tune around Eternal Home from the social harp collection.
Music includes Banks of the Dee, Mopping Nelly, The Hunt, Red House and Nonsuch. This CD reflects the enthusiasm, flair and skill of people who not only love and enjoy what they do, but are excellent at doing it.