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Vic Smith of The Folk Diary

reviews Ghosts & Greasepaint by Barry Lister

Barry Lister first became involved in folk song through the famed club at
the Jolly Porter in Exeter in the mid-60s and has been one of the main
movers and shakers on the folk scene in the West Country for decades now and
was one of the people who stepped in when it was feared that the mighty
Sidmouth Festival might founder.

He has been a member of a number of leading harmony groups including Isca
Fayre and The Songwainers and there are some harmony tracks in the company
of some long-term associates and there's also some instrumental
accompaniments from Ed Rennie on melodeon and Jackie Oates on fiddle.
However, the most effective performances here are when Barry's fine
expressive voice is heard without any adornment as on 'The Bonny Bunch Of
Roses' and 'Long Lankin'.