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Tonv ONeill of Shire Folk

reviews BitterSweet by Bob & Gill Berry

Bob and Gill Berry are the cornerstone of folk music in Wiltshire and I'm astonished that with all their 'doings', Chippenham Folk Festival, Devizes Folk Club, various groups etc etc, they have time to perform, let alone record a CD! Nevertheless, time or not, this is another excellent production from Doug. Bailey of Wild Goose Studios and one well worth a listen. 'Bittersweet' is the name and bittersweet is the feel of the CD with Gills deep and melodic voice singing most of the leads, with Bob adding the harmonies, although Bob does get 3 or 4 solo tracks. The 14 songs and ballads are mix of Traditional  and Contemporary written in traditional style and are performed with the passion and feeling that I have come to expect from this couple and backed by a superb collection of musicians with excellent but sensitive arrangements. Track 1, 'England's Glory' was one that particularly struck me. The overall presentation of the CD is good and in keeping with the musical content. I particularly like the song notes, giving in depth backgrounds to the material and an idea of the knowledge of folk song retained by this pair. To obtain a copy or contact Bob and Gill the telephone number is 01380 726597, The Wild Goose website is at