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reviews Songs from the Derbyshire Coast by Keith Kendrick

I've long admired Keith's singing since we first met at Rochester Sweeps festival many years ago. For some reason, though, I'd never heard any of his solo recordings. Now this has been happily rectified. With some irony (he's based in Derbyshire) and armed with more than a fistful of maritime songs, this CD is like the proverbial breath of fresh air. Having recently worked alongside Keith on several occasions it is obvious that he has an affinity with the sea based songs that are liberally sprinkled throughout and with his beautiful resonant tone on the 'Lowlands Of Holland', 'Sally Free And Easy' and 'The Sailor's Prayer' these hoary old chestnuts are given a new lease of life. On the less established numbers such as the jaunty bar-room sing-along 'Beulah Land' you'll find yourself joining in the chorus and if not - why not? Joined by musicians including John Adams, Ralph Jordan and Sylvia Needham it is obvious that everyone had a great time recording this album and it conveys well to the listener. Do yourselves a favour, if you like your music to bring a smile to your face this will definitely be an album worth purchasing from