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Theo of Unicorn

reviews Fenlandia by Mary Humphreys & Anahata

Since early 2001 Mary & Anahata have been unearthing and bringing to life much of England's traditional music and song. Their musicianship and enthusiasm has won them many friends at folk clubs and festivals throughout the country.

Mary sings traditional songs, mainly in English but some in her native Welsh, with banjo and concertina. Anahata accompanies on melodeons, concertina and cello.

Several of the tracks on this album are from the singing of Charlotte Few of Cottenham near Cambridge, as collected by Ella Bull in the early twentieth century. Some songs were fragmentary, but here have been 'reconstructed' from other texts to make them complete. Supplementing the songs are a selection of sets of East Anglian tunes (Sheringham/Yamouth Breakdown, Dennington Bell etc) as well as a storming set of Welsh tunes.

This CD will be played many times by me.