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Bob & Kathy Drage of Around Kent Folk

reviews Hampshire Dance Tunes CD by Hampshire Dance Musicians

The book contains 74 country dance tunes, sourced from a manuscript of R. Pyle, January 29th 1822, held in Hampshire Records Library, Winchester. Most of the tunes have not been seen or heard since then and cannot be found in other collections. Arranged in key signatures with detailed origins and background i.e. original keys etc. Lovely black and white drawings. To be able to look at a tune whilst hearing it played is always helpful. And this CD provides that delightfully.

Some 30 tunes played by Mat Green & Andy Turner, Paul Sartin, Saul Rose, Roger Watson & Bob Shatwell, Tim Laycock, Colin Thompson, Will Duke & Dan Quinn and Bursledon Village Band. Fine musicians playing fine tunes originally played on flute, oboe and C clarinet. Richard Pyle probably played the flute, Southern English playing at its best.