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Neil Gledhill of Shreds and Patches

reviews Toadstone by Random

Random are a 6 piece ceilidh band comprising Glynn Burch (Trombone), Keith Holloway (Bass Guitar), Paul Nye (Melodeon & Harmonica), Saul Rose (Melodeon), Roger Smith (Drums) and Ian Woledge (Guitar). I must admit, a very talented group of musicians.
Well, what a great collection of tunes, ranging from the pairing of Playfords later Mount Hills with Stingo and Ran Tans Maitinya to Paul Nyes great Flexitune. My only caveat with this CD is that although Random is Saul Roses band, he is far too loud in the mixes. All other musicians are straining to be heard over Sauls uniform, smooth, Castignari sound. With a backing band like this, where have the dynamics gone?
Having said all that, I believe the only way to judge this band is to hear them live. Go listen, dear readers, and let me know what you reckon.