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Mike Everett of Mardles

reviews Toadstone by Random

This C D is unashamedly an album of dance music or, as the sleeve describes it, electric ceilidh music with guts. Those of you who have been to a Random ccilidh will already know how good they are. For those who havent, this CD is as good as it gets without being there. Most of the tracks are traditional time sets, interspersed with some that have been written by well known contemporary tunesmiths, such as Tim Van Eyken and band member Paul Nye. Saul Roses sleeve notes make jolly reading which matches the feeling that the music provides. Apart from being really good music to dance to, its also really good driving music on the car CD player. A particular favourite is track 5 featuring the two traditional tunes, Waiting for a Partner and Twin Sisters (better known as the Upton on Severn Stick Dance). These are also the favourites of Glynn Burch, the bands trombone player. Like all the tracks, the emphasis is on fun.
Listen, enjoy and try to stop your feet tapping!