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Dave Wane of Lancashire Wakes

reviews Blood & Honey by The Devil's Interval

A debut album from three young and very accomplished singers and musicians, it is pleasant and refreshing to find such talent gracing the airwaves and augurs well for the future of traditional music. To criticise this fine recording would be unfair, but you have to be rather brave these days to reel off five straight unaccompanied songs before any instrumentation is heard. That said the harmonies are excellent, almost too studied in some respects, but show excellent tonal range and variety. The first tune with accompaniment has jaunty accordion and concertina to complement it and Two Crows is set alight and is one of my favourites.

Good old favourites such as Lord Nankin are mixed with other highlights such as the opening song, Green Valley (Chris Coe) and Blow Me Jack, which seems to have John Kirkpatrick's influence behind it. There is a lot of appealing material here: The Cuckoo and Down Amongst the Deadmen are really excellent and I am sure that The Devil's Interval will appeal to a great many music lovers over the coming years.