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John McAlister of Lancashire Wakes

reviews Songs from the Derbyshire Coast by Keith Kendrick

Don't go rushing to find the atlas, there is no coast in Derbyshire. This CD is a mixture of songs and tunes reflecting the various collaborations Keith has been involved with over the years, hence there is no particular theme though maritime songs prevail. Keith has been singing for many years and has a fine voice for shanties and traditional songs which he accompanies with the concertina. The songs would mostly be recognised in some part by folk singing enthusiasts but I particularly liked the tunes; Turkish Quickstep, Roman Reel, and Polka Chinois, which were new to me. The notes explain each track and the relevance to Keith's progress though, as a performer, I always hope that artists will provide words and music.

This is a very well presented CD; my only complaint being the presence of a woman singing harmony in Sally Free and Easy. As the song is a good old moan about unfaithful women, I think it is best as a solo song for a man. Folk clubs may seem awash with performers these days, many of a high standard, and everyone seems to be producing a CD, so I wish Keith well with this one; the competition is hot.