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Kathy & Bob Drage of Around Kent Folk

reviews BitterSweet by Bob & Gill Berry

Heavily involved in the Wiltshire folk scene, they run Devizes folk club and organise 'Chippenham Festival. Gill has the most divine voice supported by Bob' sensitive harmonies & arrangements. He is also a fine singer & draws on influences from his parents Len & Barbara and the many traditional singers listened to since childhood. Collins dictionary describes bittersweet as 'pleasant but tinged with sadness' and many of the songs fit this description. From 'England's Glory', 'May Dew', 'Brown Girl', 'Suffer Little Children', 'Gay Green Gown', and 'Fair Flora' to the evils of drinking 'Calum Moore' and Chris Leslie's Winter Man', finishing with Alan Bell's 'song of Time' - pure Kletzmer with Jo Veal on clarinet.

Two years in the making - worth the wait.