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Kathy & Bob Drage of Around Kent Fok

reviews Songs from the Derbyshire Coast by Keith Kendrick

What a wonderful entertainer Keith is - he sings superbly, plays grandly and his story telling, especially in Derby dialect is quite delightful. This CD addresses several angles of Keith's 40 years performing career. From English song & dance, maritime songs & shanties to the occasional contemporary song like Mike O'Conner's 'Summon Up The Sun'. Sea songs include Tawney's 'Sally Free & Easy' & 'A Hundred Years Ago/Essiquibo Rive. Fine singing on 'Bold Riley', 'Echoin' Horn Napoleon's Dream' & the Sheffield carol 'Awake. Arise!' with harmonies from Sylvia Needham, Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner. Musicians include Ralph Jordon & Alice Jones.

The title is a great example of Keith's sense of humour - a CD never to tire of listening to.