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Mike Everett of Mardles

reviews Songs from the Derbyshire Coast by Keith Kendrick

The Derbyshire coast is an interesting concept in itself, as the county is landlocked, but it instantly reveals two of Keith Kendricks passions in folk music. He is well known for his interest and knowledge of the songs and music of his native Derbyshire and his enthusiasm for sea songs. In this album, he gets the chance to enjoy both.

The sea gets the bigger share but its nice to hear the Derbyshire band Cross oth Hands joining Keith on Roman Reel from the Ashover collection and several other tracks. There is also support from many of Keiths singing partners, like Sylvia Needham, Lynne Heraud and Pat Turner, who provide vocal harmonies, as well as a shanty chorus for a medley of his favourite shanties.

There are many well known songs from the opening Bold Riley to the final rousing Sheffield carol Awake! Arise! Sandwiched between them is a nice mixture of traditional songs and tunes as well as a few others, with a particularly nice May Day song, Summon Up The Sun, from Mike OConnor.

Its good to see somebody keeping hunting and whaling songs alive, as theyre cracking songs whatever your viewpoint on these subjects, and The Echoin Horn and The Coast of Peru are two of the best.

This is another thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable recording from one of the stalwarts on the folk scene. Lose yourself for an hour as you listen to and sing along with Keith.