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Mike Everett of Mardles

reviews 8 More Miles by Rattle on the Stovepipe

During a busy summer at several folk festivals a name that was frequently on people's lips was Rattle on the Stovepipe. People were really looking forward to seeing and hearing the band and then commented on how good they were, so I expect they sold a lot of copies of this CD, and deservedly so.

Rattle on the Stovepipe are Dave Arthur, Pete Cooper and Chris Morton. Just listening to them it is easy to tell that they enjoy playing music. They play quite a wide range of material from both sides of the Atlantic, with a strong Old-Timey feel that would appeal to lovers of Appalachian, bluegrass and country music as well as traditional English folk songs and tunes.

It's an album that's guaranteed to cheer you up. Put a smile on your face and get your feet tapping. And at five minutes short of an hour in length, that's a lot of good music - from the upbeat opening instrumental Tennessee Mountain Fox-Chase to the great sing-along closing track of Sail Away Ladies. Even their impressive eight and a half minute rendition of Willie's Ghost keeps you enthralled.

Dave Arthur provides extensive and informative sleeve notes, which makes fascinating reading about the songs and times including a detailed history of The Lakes of Pontchartrain. All in all, a fine recording that you'll play over and over again.