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Mike Everett of Mardles

reviews Tide of Change by Tom & Barbara Brown

This album reminds you of one of those wonderful evenings you spend in a folk club. Eric Bogle's song, The Sound of Singing opens the album, as it will many a set in a club and it closes with a fine Anglicised version of In Friendship's Name, a song of the border shepherd, Willie Scott, that I know from the magnificent singing of Gordeanna McCulloch. Here Tom, Barbara are joined in chorus by Lynne Heraud and Barry Lister to leave you singing along and wanting more.

Between these tracks is a feast of songs, mostly traditional and including versions of familiar favourites like Lowlands of Holland and Barbara Allen, a few light-hearted songs such as Bread & Cheese & Cider and When Mother and Me Joined In, and more from the West country.

As well as writing the thought-provoking title track lamenting the relentless Tide of Change that we call progress, Hilary Bix also provides stunning artwork to accompany Tom and Barbara's song notes. You can't have Tom and Barbara at your local folk club every week so listen to them on this CD.